Our Montessori Curriculum

At Little Royals Montessori Preschool we implement the Te Whāriki Early Childhood curriculum and the Montessori progressive curriculum which encompasses all aspects of a traditional curriculum, and more:

The Montessori curriculum is organised into a spiral of integrated studies. This holistic approach is in contrast to a traditional model in which the curriculum is compartmentalised into separate subjects, with topics only considered when a child is at a specific grade level.

At Little Royals Montessori Preschool our students learn according to their readiness!

The emphasis is on a complete understanding of the skills or concepts underlying any task undertaken by the child. In the early years, lessons are introduced simply and concretely and are reintroduced several times over successive years in increasing degrees of abstraction and complexity.

Discovering the wider world, many incursions and excursions are organised to complement the areas of learning. All the teachers are well trained to implement the Montessori progressive curriculum to extend talented and gifted children. 

Educational Excellence

We aim to provide an excellent Montessori inspired education. We support the children’s individuality and natural phases of development so as to enable every child to fulfil their potential.

Health and Safety

We seek to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for our children. The well-being of the children, staff and all members of our preschool community is always a priority.


We promote personal growth and understanding. We encourage the pursuit of individual interests and consider the impact we have on others.

Diversity and Inclusion

We learn about, value and celebrate the diversity of people. We are respectful and inclusive of each other at all times.

Community Life

We encourage active participation and a sense of belonging. We strive to understand and care about others and contribute positively to our school and our broader community.

The Environment

We learn about and appreciate the universe, nature and the connections between living things. We are aware of our impact on and seek to care for our natural surroundings.